About Us
We are an IPR Law firm providing services in the field of Intellectual Property Rights in India and have associates in all the countries of the world. We aim to provide prompt and quality service to the utmost satisfaction of our esteemed clients. Our prime concern is to provide a service of great quality and we work closely with clients to gain a genuine insight into their commercial situation. This helps us find the most cost-effective way to provide the required level of protection to meet the particular needs of an individual client. A key ingredient of our success is that we remain accessible to clients and associates, who are always kept informed of proceedings with understandable explanation bringing transparency in the mode of our working.
Ours is a team of well qualified and dedicated lawyers, trade mark agents, patent agents, consultants and engineers having vast experience in the field of Intellectual Property Laws.
All the Professionals in the firm hold technical and scientific qualifications, which when combined with their substantial legal expertise, enable them to fully understand and support a client's business and needs. Thus the clients receive highly commercial and technically-sound advice which is directly aligned with the client's business objectives. The firm advises clients on all aspects of pbusiness strategy including Intellectual Property Rightsregistration, protection, commercialisation, licensing, acquisition.
Morris Trade Mark Co.
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