Unreasonable delay in the event of infringement can prejudice your rights of enforcement and ultimately debase the strength of your IP portfolio. On the other hand, failure to respond quickly if third-party rights are infringed can increase your vulnerability to liability.
We, at IP Global Services, are no strangers to courtrooms. When litigation is called for, we use our skills to aggressively defend and prosecute cases before courts of law, appellate tribunals and governmental agencies. We have acquired expertise in safe guarding the rights of its clients by legal action in the court of law via modes of litigation for / against the infringement & passing off trademarks, domain name, copyrights, patents & designs and also for opposition / rectification of the same with corresponding authorities.
The key to success in all settings is our careful preparation and effective presentation of our client’s position. We employ advanced Internet and research methodologies, together with cutting-edge information management tools, to facilitate pre-trial investigation and case management. Whether for use at mediation or at trial, information and research is developed and presented using the latest trial knowledge and technology in order to deliver a powerful and persuasive presentation of our case.
Morris Trade Mark Co.
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